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Today's Lesson From "A Modest Proposal" (1729)

by Jonathan Swift

I DO therefore humbly offer it to publick Consideration, that of the Hundred and Twenty Thousand Children, already computed, Twenty thousand may be reserved for Breed; whereof only one Fourth Part to be Males; which is more than we allow to Sheep, black Cattle, or Swine; and my Reason is, that these Children are seldom the Fruits of Marriage, a Circumstance not much regarded by our Savages; therefore, one Male will be sufficient to serve four Females. That the remaining Hundred thousand, may, at a Year old, be offered in Sale to the Persons of Quality and Fortune, through the Kingdom; always advising the Mother to let them suck plentifully in the last Month, so as to render them plump, and fat for a good Table. A Child will make two Dishes at an Entertainment for Friends; and when the Family dines alone, the fore or hind Quarter will make a reasonable Dish; and seasoned with a little Pepper or Salt, will be very good Boiled on the fourth Day, especially in Winter. ...

THOSE who are more thrifty (as I must confess the Times require) may flay the Carcase; the Skin of which, artificially dressed, will make admirable Gloves for Ladies, and Summer Boots for fine Gentlemen

AS to our City of Dublin; Shambles may be appointed for this Purpose, in the most convenient Parts of it; and Butchers we may be assured will not be wanting; although I rather recommend buying the Children alive, and dressing them hot from the Knife, as we do roasting Pigs.

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NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iran-Iraq War

Crypto AG: NSA's Trojan Whore?

Charles Hayes: A Prison Interview

Is the FBI Railroading Charles Hayes?

Michael Riconosciuto on Encryption

ECHELON: Global Surveillance

The Laissez Faire City Times

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Ayn Rand, Smeared Again, by Wolf DeVoon

Echelon--Rights Violation in the Information Age, by Don Lobo Tiggre

Public Sector at the Expense of Private Life, by Peter Topolewski

Tibet: Obsessed with Money, by Richard S. Ehrlich

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Jack Parsons & the Curious Origins of the American Space Program

Part 17: Stab Your Demoniac Smile to My Brain!, by The Magician

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International Cryptography Freedom Code & instruction on cryptology.
Report on Echelon and Communications Spying European parliament: "Interception Capabilities 2000".
The Redacted Cox Report All material implicating Clinton was classified by White House.
The Jack Parsons Story A more accurate view of the origin of the Chinese missile program.
The Clinton Death List All those wacky coincidences.
NSA vs. Congress over Echelon NSA invokes "attorney-client" privilege to keep docs secret.
Child-Adult Sex Study "Hi, Mom. What's for dinner?"
Need Target Practice? Send away for free California photo.
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Rep. Weldon Adds to Cox Report A refutation of the White House spin.
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Can Government Gold Be Put to Better Use? Sell it or lend it all now.
The Carlyle Group The Richard King Mellon Family makes money from defense dollars.
Is MP3 the Future of Music? Bankrupting the media monopolies (and the money monopoly also).
Nuclear Lab Security The report of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.

Today's News Articles

Spy vs. Spy

U.S. Accused of 'Promis' Information Warfare Program

An Aspect of Echelon

[Interview with Fabrizio Calvi and Thierry Pfister, authors of book L'Oeil de Washington (The Eye of Washington), by Denis Jeambar and Yves Stavrides; place and date not given: "Espionage: How Washington Booby-Trapped All the World's Computers"]

[Translated from the French] How far can a government go? Democracies have settled that issue of the desire for power in principle: The state of law, situated at the heart of their institutional mechanisms, forms their boundaries. But that framework is in fact more virtual than real, and laws or treaties are very fragile barriers when it comes to containing the appetite for conquest. All democracies have their shadowy areas known as the secret police or as espionage networks. Those instruments for protecting national interests are also weapons of conquest. All states use them, but then again, might makes right. L'Oeil de Washington (The Eye of Washington) by Fabrizio Calvi and Thierry Pfister, soon to be published by the Albin Michel Publishing House, is an almost incredible illustration of that. Following an unusually rigorous investigation, the two journalists reveal how the United States penetrated and booby-trapped the computer systems of its enemies and allies. This unprecedented espionage operation, suddenly revealed in this flabbergasting book, shows that the democratic ideal remains a very weak rampart against the will to dominate.

[LE VIF/L'EXPRESS] Spies by the dozen, crooked politicians, games of consequences, bizarre suicides, arms merchants, drug traffickers, and all of it on a global scale! There is a shock right at the start: The U.S. and Israeli intelligence services reportedly have been booby-trapping all of the world's computer systems since the 1980's! After reading your book, one wonders if one might have been dreaming.

[Answer] The story seems incredible, but it is true. It is backed by two investigating committees in the United States: the one in the House of Representatives and the one in the Senate. By three trials. By proof. By statements by the participants, although they are not necessarily presentable--that is typical of secret operations of this kind. The Inslaw case is a taboo subject, with its load of disinformation and with its gray areas, unverifiable statements, and ghosts. We had to clean things up. Because it is a shameful affair. The manipulators and especially the manipulated cannot be proud of it. In THE NEW YORK TIMES on 21 April 1991, an honest man whose integrity is beyond dispute and who--for good reason--had access to the CIA published a fantastic article titled "A High-Tech Watergate." That man knows what he is talking about. He is Elliot Richardson, a former attorney general under Richard Nixon, and at the time he refused to cover up the Watergate scandal and resigned in a blaze of publicity. Today Richardson is the attorney for the victim in that crazy story: Bill Hamilton, owner of the Inslaw computer company.

[LE VIF/L'EXPRESS] In his case, everything started with an ordinary industrial property lawsuit.

[Answer] Exactly. Hamilton is a former agent of the National Security Agency (NSA). The NSA, based at Fort Meade, Maryland, is the electronic wiretapping center of the planet. Trained as an engineer, Hamilton worked for the NSA in Vietnam. He left the NSA and started his company in the early 1970's. That was before the era of minicomputers. Microcomputers had not yet appeared. To combat crime, the Justice Department--like the CIA and the FBI--was dreaming of a software package that would make incompatible things compatible. Every prosecutor's office had its own data, files, and day-to-day operations. In plain language, was it possible to devise software that would interconnect all the prosecutors' offices and all their files and data? The department then issued a call for tenders and launched a program to finance the project. So, using public money, Bill Hamilton developed software known as Promis. There were fantastic breakthroughs in computers in the late 1970's and early 1980's, as computers went from eight to 16 bits--bits being a reflection of the power of the machines: their speed of execution.

[LE VIF/L'EXPRESS] That did not prevent Carter from halting the program.

[Answer] True. When Reagan arrived at the White House in 1980, the program had been halted. But using private funds--and that is another ambiguous aspect of the affair--Hamilton developed a 32-bit version using a Vax VMS computer. His improved software, Promis, then became a miraculous object. From one state to another and from one country to another, it could read utility bills, check up on financial flows in and out of bank accounts, and track people as they entered and left territories. It could do everything! It could learn everything about anyone! Hamilton got the contract to equip U.S. prosecutors' offices. Price: $3 billion!

[LE VIF/L'EXPRESS] And then his troubles began.

[Answer] The Justice Department did everything possible to kill his company, Inslaw. To bring it to its knees. It quibbled, it split hairs, and payments were delayed. It demanded that he hand over the manufacturing secrets regarding Promis in its new Vax VMS version. To get his money, he yielded in 1982 and gave the Justice Department a copy of the 32-bit version. He still did not get paid. He was accused of financing the "miracle" with public money. It did him no good to deny it: He was pushed to bankruptcy. They sent the IRS after him, and he was dragged into bankruptcy court. He did not understand what was happening.

[LE VIF/L'EXPRESS] Unknown to him, Promis would be sold all over the planet. And the affair took on its dual dimension: wheeling and dealing on one hand, and espionage on the other.

[Answer] We should note, first of all, that at the center of the department's decisionmaking apparatus was Lowell Jensen, Hamilton's competitor. Then a key figure appeared: Dr. Earl Brian. A former CIA man in Vietnam, he was very close to Reagan, whom he had served as secretary of health in California--and incidentally, he took all the department's files with him when he left. As financial backer of the Republican Party and owner of the UPI agency, Brian picked up a good many government contracts-- the infrared systems along the Mexican border, for example-- thanks to his direct line to the new president. Brian also owned a computer company called Hadron. And he controlled a genius in the field, Michael Riconosciuto, a contract employee of the CIA who had a weakness for drugs. That expert could--and did--adapt the Promis software to suit the needs of potential customers. The Canadian police were the first to place an order.

[LE VIF/L'EXPRESS] But who in the department was behind that piracy--that swindle?

[Answer] It is noted that Ed Meese, adviser to the White House and an expert on Promis, the merits of which he had praised publicly as early as 1981, was named attorney general. And Ed Meese's wife owned stock in Earl Brian's holding company, which controlled the Hadron firm. But the affair also concerned --primarily--the White House Secret Service.

[LE VIF/L'EXPRESS] And the Israeli intelligence service entered the fray. Who gave them Promis and why?

[Answer] Why? All one can do is guess. Israel was a privileged partner of the United States and of the Reagan administration. From the moment that the--booby-trapped--software began to be sold all over the world, it was clear that the Israelis would have an easier time selling it to the "enemies" of the United States and that the Americans would be able to sell it more easily to Israel's "enemies." That was why they were offered Promis. To whom in particular? To a legend in the world of intelligence, Rafi Eitan. It was he who had trapped Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires on 11 May 1960. A loner. In 1982, Minister of Defense Ariel Sharon put him in charge of the most secret of Israeli intelligence services: Lakam (one of Lakam's achievements was its stealing of the plans for the Mirage F1). Rafi Eitan brought in a military intelligence ace who had participated in the Entebbe raid and was an expert on terrorism for Shamir: Ari Ben-Menashe. Rafi and Ari knew each other well. They had worked together during the U.S. hostage crisis in Tehran. And with whom? With the good Dr. Brian and his henchman, Michael Riconosciuto--the man who had repaired the computer systems sabotaged by the shah's men just before they left. So those four were all back in the same family again. They were the source of what was called the October Surprise--that is, the failure to free the U.S. hostages held in Iran in October 1980 even though everything appeared to have been arranged. With millions of dollars and arms deliveries to back them up, they negotiated with Tehran to delay the release until after Carter's departure so that Reagan would get credit for it in January 1981.

[LE VIF/L'EXPRESS] What role did Promis play in the Near East?

[Answer] To begin with, when the Intifada took off, Israel used it to open files on the Palestinians living the occupied territories. Next, one of Brian's teams sold it to Jordan. But that software was booby-trapped. Everything that Jordanian security had stored and did store regarding the Palestinians ended up in the hands of the Americans and the Israelis.

[LE VIF/L'EXPRESS] And how was the product booby-trapped?

[Answer] Originally, it was a very makeshift job. A matter of tinkering. The only thing necessary was to add a line of code--buried in the ocean of lines in the software--to order the machine to spit out the information to a telephone number in Jordan: that of an apartment managed by Israeli intelligence. Which downloaded the data from the computer. At first it was a businessman--on his way to Vienna--who carried Jordanian intelligence's listing in his attache case. Things later became more sophisticated. A "smart chip"--the spy chip, the "emergency exit"--was slipped into an ocean of completely identical microchips. Apparently the information becomes part of the electric current, and from there a satellite picks up the information and transmits it down to the NSA. What it meant was that unless the computer were completely disassembled, it was impossible to detect that damned chip.

[LE VIF/L'EXPRESS] Who were the next customers?

[Answer] There was Chile by way of the Israelis. Dina [National Intelligence Directorate], the fearsome Chilean police, even entrusted part of the management of Promis to a German sect called Colonia Dignidad--made up of real Nazis. In the case of Guatemala and South Africa, Israel went through a third party: the man who laundered the money from their arms sales--the late Robert Maxwell, the fiendish press lord. It must be said that by checking utility consumption, Promis makes it possible to know whether a place is inhabited or not--whether it is a potential hideout. In itself, the software is neutral. But it is a tool that makes repression more effective. And makes it easier. The civil war in Guatemala resulted in 20,000 dead. Anyone whose name was on file in Promis had a very good chance of winding up in a grave. The same was true in South Africa. Intelligence gathered regarding the ANC [African National Congress] was given to Buthelezi's men, the Zulus in Inkatha--after which it was fire at will!

[LE VIF/L'EXPRESS] Ari Ben-Menashe claims that Robert Maxwell --whose handling agent he was--sold Promis to the Soviets.

[Answer] There are 20 pages on that subject in the FBI's files. Twenty pages with everything blacked out except the words "Maxwell," "Promis," and "Russians." In fact, the booby-trapped software was sold to the GRU, the Soviet military intelligence service. Meanwhile, the Israelis discovered that the Americans were selling arms to Saddam Husayn. Speaking through Ben-Menashe, Shamir warned the CIA: Either you stop, or we will denounce you to the Russians. The sales continued. And as if by chance, the GRU's computers were mysteriously out of order for a week. It is likely that the Soviets dismantled and dissected their machines.

[LE VIF/L'EXPRESS] Did the sales continue?

[Answer] Under the name of Promis or some other name, it was sold to Egypt and Cyprus and throughout the Middle East. In Australia. In Southeast Asia. To the World Bank. To two French banks: the Credit Lyonnais and the BNP. To the Swiss banks, including the UBS. Why spy on the banking system? Two reasons. First, to protect the dollar and keep an eye on competing currencies. The second reason dates back to 1981 and the fight against the laundering of drug money. That was the "Follow the Money" operation launched by Reagan. In a different situation, this time in France, one of our sources told us that the DGSE (the intelligence service) had acquired Promis. Whatever the case, the DST (the counterespionage agency) got its hands on the famous microchip that downloads data from computers. In addition, obviously, the software found room for all its applications within the U.S. institutions themselves: from the CIA to the FBI and from the Air Force to the Navy--the nuclear-powered submarines and stealth bombers are equipped with them. Not to mention the laboratories where nuclear tests are simulated.

[LE VIF/L'EXPRESS] To everyone's surprise, the Clintons are part of the story!

[Answer] Jackson Stevens--Arkansas billionaire, financial backer of the Democratic Party, and a friend and partner of the Clintons in the Whitewater real estate scandal--sells (surprise) Promis software! In short, he took up the torch from Californian Earl Brian. Vince Foster, the White House attorney who was linked with Stevens and even more so with the Clintons, committed suicide on 20 July 1993. A few days earlier, he had requested two files: one on the NSA and the other on Promis. His secretary confirms this--it was she who opened them and put them in the safe. They were never seen again. The safe had been cleaned out.

[LE VIF/L'EXPRESS] And all of that at Hamilton's expense! What is the situation with him now?

[Answer] At the first trial, the government was convicted of having forced the Inslaw firm into bankruptcy by unfair practices. The judge who handed down that ruling was not reappointed. That is something rarely seen. He was replaced by the lawyer who was defending the government's interests! That is something never seen. The second trial upheld the unfair practices ruling. At the third trial, the first two trials were not called into question, but it was ruled that a court specializing in bankruptcies was not qualified to judge the merits of the case--that is, piracy. It kicked the case up to the Supreme Court. Which declared itself to be lacking jurisdiction and passed the ball back in the direction of Congress. Which passed a special law expanding the jurisdiction of commercial courts. A new trial was held, and the verdict is expected within the next few weeks. Hamilton is expecting millions of dollars. And he may wait for them for a long, very long time. The "espionage" angle is not part of the trial. It is the intelligence services which use Promis, and it is the White House Secret Service which played a role in spreading Promis all over the planet. But the only issue in the trial will be industrial property. None of the rest exists. It will be impossible go any further. By itself, the investigation by Congress--the Brooks Commission--is damning for the U.S. Government. In a roundabout way--and backed by implacable testimony---it hints that theft and an intelligence operation are involved. But it does not say so in black and white in its conclusions. We met with the former cop from Los Angeles who headed that commission. He gave us his impression: "We could have pulled out all the stops. We were not given the means to do so. No one really wanted to see us go all the way with that investigation."

[LE VIF/L'EXPRESS] In that affair, Hamilton is the grain of sand that brought the machinery to a halt. Why didn't the government buy Promis at the start? And did the U.S. press say nothing about the affair?

[Answer] Beyond the controversy over public funds as opposed to private funds, the Justice Department would have been wiser to let him have a few million dollars. Hamilton would have kept quiet. He would not have tried to find out. And that says a lot about the arrogance of the government in general. They told themselves: Why pay him when we can crush him? They also did not foresee that Elliot Richardson, the former attorney general who was honesty itself, would get involved. As for the press, Hamilton went to see Bob Woodward, the Watergate star and star of the Washington Post, who eventually told him: "This involves state security. Kathy Graham, the owner, will never let me publish such a story." Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize winner who revealed the atrocities at My Lai, Vietnam and who has been responsible for exceptional investigations, did investigate. For the first time in his life, he was thrown out by every publisher.

LE VIF/L'EXPRESS, May 9, 97, pp 74-82

India vs. Pakistan

Indian Generals Ready to Escalate Kashmir Conflict

THE deadly brinksmanship between India and Pakistan escalated sharply yesterday with India putting four divisions of strike forces - as well as its navy - on high alert, in preparation for a possible attack across the international border, south of Kashmir.

India said the alert had been sounded in response to reports of substantial Pakistani troop movements along the frontier. With 40,000 Indian soldiers already in Kashmir, the build-up of troops on both sides of the border represents the largest mobilisation of forces since military manoeuvres in 1987 almost brought the two countries to war.

India also appears increasingly prepared to strike across the Line of Control dividing Kashmir, using warplanes, ground and helicopter borne troops to cut off supplies to Pakistani intruders still occupying positions within India. Either move - whether an attack by India or Pakistan across the Punjab or Rajasthan-Sindh borders, or a strategic operation across the LOC - would be an act of war.

India's Strike Corps, comprising about 10,000 mechanised troops, armoured formations and infantry divisions, as well as additional troops, have not yet moved from their bases in Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh states. But the Indian army said that they "have been warned to make preparations". Its navy has also been put on high alert.

Military analysts now believe that in the absence of a political resolution to the Kashmir crisis, which seems unlikely, the Indian army has two options: either to fight a lengthy war of attrition in the Himalayas - with both the winter and a general election looming in three months' time - or to seek permission for an offensive against Pakistan.

So far, India's military has been restrained by its politicians, who still hope international pressure will make Pakistan remove its forces from Indian territory. Last week, President Clinton told Pakistan - which still maintains the intruders are Indian Kashmiri militants - to remove its forces. India is hoping for a similarly strong response from the G8 nations meeting this weekend.

But there are increasing calls from the Indian military, hampered by its inability to cross the LOC, to mount a strike on the Pakistan side of the Kashmir border. An Internet poll of 4,400 Indians published last week showed 81 per cent in favour of an attack across the LOC.

"The restraints we've put on ourselves are out of strength, not weakness," said a senior army officer. "But as of today," he added, emphasising the last word, "we are not crossing the LOC." Last week, after bloody fighting, Indian soldiers finally captured their first key Pakistani-held positions: Tololing, a 15,000ft mountain and the strategic highway between Srinagar and Leh; and another mountain-top further north near the town of Batalik.

Fierce fighting is now raging on the cliffs of Tiger Hills, a 17,000ft peak, beyond Tololing, where about 250 intruders are believed to be dug in, and on another 17,000ft peak north of Batalik. The army says it has pushed the intruders within two miles of the de facto border and the air force, which is flying in a perilously narrow corridor between the mountains and the LOC, also said that it had destroyed the intruders' largest administration and supply camp near Batalik last week.

But while the assaults have provided stirring accounts of individual bravery, they have also produced an endless procession of flag-covered coffins. The official figure of about 150 dead and 500 wounded Indian soldiers is believed to be far lower than the real number; and the army has said it expects that 2,000 soldiers will die if the conflict continues until September. It is particularly concerned about the number of officers it is losing and is already short of about 14,000 commissioned and non-commissioned men.

None the less, the response of the Indian public - to the death toll and the war - has been overwhelmingly patriotic. Bereaved mothers have vowed to send more children to fight; young widows have responded with tearful pride; ordinary Indians have been donating blood as well as money; and the government of one state has promised to rename a village after each dead soldier. However, while India can sustain a war more easily than Pakistan - which despite being on the verge of bankruptcy raised its defence budget 11 per cent last week - it is costing the country an estimated £3 million a day, an enormous amount for a poor nation.

Moreover, the Indian army believes that the intrusion in Kargil, which appears to consist of Pakistani regular soldiers in mufti, supported by Afghan mercenaries and Islamic militants, is part of a larger, longer-term strategy by Pakistan to seize large parts of Indian Kashmir; and that the heights, once recaptured, will require an enormous outlay of men and armaments.

"The quickest way to finish this off would be to mount an attack elsewhere - and we can do it," said a senior army officer. "We didn't have to confine ourselves to this area or to these lines."

The London Telegraph, June 20, 1999

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    Internet Payment Schemes, Part 2 Adventures in Prague. Debt-Credit systems. NetCheque, Netbill, and CyberCoin.
    Internet Payment Schemes, Part 3 Digital cash systems. NetCash, Mondex, & Digicash ecash.
    Cryptography and Number Theory for Digital Cash A tutorial.
    Stefan Brands' System of Digital Cash A digital cash system with real privacy. Consistency between the on-line & off-line systems.
    Digital Signatures Illustrated A tutorial.
    Smart Cards and Private Currencies The technology of Hayek's dream.
    October Country
    The Year 2000 Problem in Perspective
    Financial Regulators Year 2000 Resources
    The End of Ordinary Money, Part 1 How Big Brother took over the financial system.
    The End of Ordinary Money, Part 2 Your banker is a snitch. Money laundering law & digital cash.
    Social Security Numbers as Identification Tokens Protect yourself from government and private databases.
    The International PGP Home Page Encryption for the masses. Get your free PGP here.
    Russian PGP Homepage
    PGP Faq: Diffie Hellman vs. RSA Forget RSA. Use Diffie-Hellman (which is really El Gamal).
    Transferring Defense Technology to Law Enforcement Voice recognition and other matters.
    Communications Privacy in a Digital Age The costs of monitoring have dropped. We need to take steps to increase them.
    Department of Justice Guidelines for Seizing Computers [Coming soon.]
    The World Financial Police Attack Anonymity We want to know where your money is and what you are doing with it.
    Technologies of Political Control How governments keep the sheep obediently in line.
    ECHELON: Global Surveillance A global agreement, centered at the NSA, to spy on citizens.
    Trust in Cyberspace The National Academy of Sciences examines network security.
    The Hidden Hand of ILETS More on international tapping via "back doors" and ENFOPOL.
    Interception Capabilities 2000 European Parliament report on Echelon and Communications Spying.
    Security Risks in Government-Mandated "Key Recovery" Nightmare on Clipper Street, part III.
    Encryption, China, RSA, and Banking Following the money code.
    Michael Riconosciuto on Encryption Comments from architect of the PROMIS backdoor.
    Cryptography and Number Theory for Digital Cash A tutorial.
    How Secure is America's Nuclear Arsenal?
    NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iraq-Iran War How the NSA bugged international cryptography software.
    Letter from Bill Payne Regarding Cryptography at Sandia
    Crypto AG: The NSA's Trojan Whore? More on how the NSA bugged international cryptography software.
    Digital Signatures Illustrated A tutorial.
    The DES Algorithm Illustrated A tutorial.
    Black and White Test of Cryptographic Algorithms William H. Payne explains how to choose an algorithm.
    The Wassenaar Invasion of Privacy Global agreement on cryptography restriction.
    International Cryptography Freedom Protect the world from Wassenaar.
    Crack of GSM Cell Phones
    Crack of Microsoft's PPTP Protocol Virtual Un-Private Networks.
    Deep Crack: The EFF Builds Computer to Crack DES
    Smart Card Tamper Resistance--a Cautionary Note
    Cracking Smart Cards with Differential Power Analysis
    Cracking Smart Cards with Fault Analysis.
    Timing Attacks on Implementations of Diffie Hellman, RSA, DSS, and Other Systems
    The Uncensored Walsh Report on Encryption Technologies
    Intelink The network linking US spook agencies.
    Permissive Action Links How cryptography is used in nuclear weapons.
    Scenario for War in the Middle East The House secret report forcasting war between Syria and Israel and the possible use of nuclear weapons.
    Leaked Report Says War May Be Near in Mideast Platt's Oilgram News discovers my web page.
    The Nukes of Hazard South Africa, Israel, Iran, Iraq.
    The Third Temple: Blueprint for War? A "simulation" altar.
    NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iraq-Iran War How the NSA helped out Saddam Hussein.
    Mossad Agent Faked Syrian "War" Reports Deception served political agenda?
    Here Come the Zombies How governments turn bankers into rich gamblers.
    Credit Lyonnais & L.F. Rothschild Ready to Topple Bad loans and bodies in the French laundry.
    History of the Euro The single European currency.
    The Asian Financial Crisis in Perspective The bubble rotation.
    The Year 2000 Problem in Perspective Y2K and the end of time as we know it.
    The Gold Market, Part 1 Gold in the international financial system. The London Gold Fixing.
    The Gold Market, Part 2 Spot gold trading. The London Bullion Market Association.
    The Gold Market, Part 3 Gold lease and libor rates. The forward price of gold. Gold swaps.
    The Gold Market, Part 4 The World Trade Center bombing and the gold market. Gold futures. Exchange for physicals.
    The Gold Market, Part 5 Gold FRAs. Gold interest-rate swaps. Gold interest-rate guarantees.
    The Gold Market, Part 6 Gold options. Options as insurance contracts.
    And Now, the Financial Apocalypse When pundits say "the expansion will last forever," the end is near.
    Stocks and Bonds Go Down Together The peculiar economics of Mafia Bonds.
    The Collapse of the New World Order Visions of paradise and the collapse of the Global Free Lunch.
    The Credit Crunch The core of the July-October 1997 crash.
    The Eye of the Storm The Global Free Lunch is back. Oh, Joy!
    Copper-Bottom Pricing How to price commodity spread options with negative strikes.
    The Jim Bell Files Assassination politics. The wrath of the IRS. Jim Bell's Theorem. And more.
    Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Information Warfare
    Industrial Espionage Today & Information Wars of Tomorrow (pdf)
    Industrial Espionage Through Social Engineering (pdf)
    Information Warfare, INFOSEC, and Dynamic Information Defense (pdf)
    FSTAC: Financial Services Risk Assessment (pdf)
    FSTAC: Electric Power Risk Assessment
    GAO: Computer Attacks at Department of Defense (pdf)
    Cyberterror and Cyberhype There may be risk from cyberterror. But are officials this clueless qualified to judge?
    The White House "Big Brother" Data Base & How Jackson Stephens Precipitated a Banking Crisis The role of Jackson Stephen's software firm Systematics in creating security holes both in White House and commercial banking software.
    The White House Downloaded And mad as hell about it, too.
    Will Filegate Bring Down the FBI? The FBI turned over about 2045 files to the White House.
    Is the WHODB Clinton's Frankenstein Monster? Bill's computers watch Bill.
    Webb Hubbell and Big Brother (WHODB) Artificial intelligence, a payoff, a PROMIS conversion, a fired Secret Service agent.
    Fund-Raiser's Use of White House Database Reported Secret project keeps track of political donors.
    Safire on Clinton's Data Base Some "mean hacker" set to attack WHODB?
    Insight Magazine reports on WHODB Click on "Investigative Reports", then click on "White House Scandals".
    The Downing of TWA Flight 800 TWA Flight 800 was taken out at around 7000 feet altitude by an apparent Stinger missile. A terrorist group connected to Syria gave advance warning and said there would be five more.
    Syria and TWA Flight 800 101 fast reasons to keep on eye on Syria.
    Bill Clinton's Choo-Choo The President takes a train ride. The modified warhead on the missile that took down TWA Flight 800.
    The Phosphorus-Headed Missile and TWA Flight 800 Some details on the missile that took out TWA Flight 800.
    Witnesses Confirm Missile Took Down TWA 800 The New York Post almost gets the story right, but not quite.
    DIA on TWA 800 Missile, by John McCaslin Agent of Defense Intelligence Agency speaks to congress.
    TWA 800 Investigation Cover-Up: The Proof Ian Goddard shows clear evidence of an FBI cover-up.
    The Syrian Connection to the Dhahran Bombing The FBI, as usual, covers up the evidence.
    What May Have Happened to TWA800 A boat offshore . . .
    TWA 800: "I Saw an Ordnance Explosion"
    Former Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Revives Missile Theory
    Crash Test Dummies More on the botched investigation.
    Interim Report on the Crash of TWA Flight 800 and the Actions of the NTSB and the FBI The report of Commander William S. Donaldson, USN Ret. in cooperation with Associated Retired Aviation Professionals.
    Clinton Involved in Coverup of TWA800 Terrorist Missile Cmdr. William S. Donaldson, III, USN, Ret.
    Misconduct Allegations Arise in FBI Lab Probe FBI falsifies evidence and commits perjury.
    FBI Suspends Oklahoma City Whistle-blower You weren't supposed to know about the contaminated evidence.
    Case Against Oklahoma Bomb Suspect Collapses Another government sting gone awry?
    Secret Pentagon Report on Oklahoma City Bombing--Evidence of a Inside Job? More than a sting gone bad.
    The John Doe Times Info on the Oklahoma City bombing.
    Oklahoma City, Government-Paid Neo-Nazis, and the FCC One more attempt to bury the truth about the Oklahoma City bombing.
    General Benton K. Partin's Report on the Oklahoma City Bomb Demolition charges on at least four Murrah Federal Building columns.
    Rep. Charles Key on the Facts of the Oklahoma Bombing
    New American Updated Report on the OKC Bombing
    DOJ Report on FBI Crime Lab How to lie with forensics.
    Writ of Mandamus Stephen Jones, attorney for Timothy McVeigh, on the evidence in the
    OKC bombing.
    OKC Trial Transcripts
    Kirk Lyons, Attorney for Andreas Strassmeir, Responds
    John Doe Times Special Edition Report that Elohim City leader Millar is FBI informant.
    ATF Memo says Carol Howe "key" to identifying Elohim City/OKC bomb link
    ATF Documents Relating to Carol Howe
    General Says Four Charges Destroyed Murrah Federal Building
    Niki Deutchman Interview
    Press Conference of Charles Key re OKC Bombing Foreknowledge and the Response
    New Evidence of OKC Bomb Cover-up
    Was Freeh Fired?--Or Is It Only a Glitch in the FBI's Files? FBI Director Louis Freeh fails to receive a paycheck because the computer says he was terminated, and the 101 Airborne arrives in Saudia Arabia. (On their way to Syria?)
    The FBI and Terrorism More crimes of the FBI.
    The Dickheads are Still Desperate Why Congress should withdraw all funding from the FBI.
    DOJ Report on FBI Crime Lab How to lie with forensics.
    Open Letter to Louis Freeh on Montana Drugs G-men who smuggle drugs.
    Interim Report on the Crash of TWA Flight 800 and the Actions of the NTSB and the FBI The report of Commander William S. Donaldson, USN Ret. in cooperation with
    Associated Retired Aviation Professionals.
    Is the IRS Dealing Crack? Get your tax refund in a baggie, and visit two governors going to jail.
    IRS Files for Sale Buy someone's IRS file for $500.
    Join the IRS: Deal Crack with Pay! Cocaine-dealing IRS employees still on the payroll.
    Bill Clinton's Cocaine Habit Our President does five lines a day.
    Clinton & Iran A high-level Democratic delegation asks Clinton not to run again for President. Israeli radio says U.S. to bomb Iranian targets.
    The Presidential Crisis The present danger in Presidential politics.
    Bill Clinton and the Missing $100 Million General Noriega, Barry Seal, and Bill Clinton become suspects regarding millions in missing cocaine money.
    October Surprises Clinton, Dole, Starr, Tucker, Patton, Credit Lyonnais, and Pulsar Data Systems may all have October Surprises.
    Happy Birthday, Mr President! Clinton turns fifty.
    Bill Clinton's Choo-Choo The President takes a train ride. The modified warhead on the missile that took down TWA Flight 800.
    The Monster Threatens Starr Temper tantrums.
    How to Create a War First find some Belgian--er, Kurdish babies, then call in Hill & Knowlton.
    Clinton Flips a Coin and Bombs Iraq Turning the military budget into a political slush fund.
    Brother Bill's Bad Week Clinton rearranges Iraqi sand, the FBI sucks wind, and the crematorium at Mena lurks in the shadows.
    Hillary Clinton Puts Out a Contract on Dick Morris Hillary plots to murder her competition, using government thugs from I-3.
    Top Ten Reasons Bill Clinton Resigned Read these, then make up your own.
    Clinton in a Box Clinton has lost the war, both home and abroad.
    What Happened to the Football? Did someone take the nuclear trigger away from Bill Clinton?
    Tenacious Tentacles The cozy world of Bill Clinton, Jackson Stephens, and Mochtar Riady.
    Hillary Clinton, Lafarge, and Kennametal Hillary helps Richard Mellon Scaife and Jackson Stephens arm Iraq.
    Hail to the Cokehead Walking a mile in Bill Clinton's shoes.
    What Election? Nothing has changed with respect to Clinton's problems.
    What if Clinton Never Returned? Some wishful thinking.
    More Top Ten Reasons Bill Clinton Resigned Fun things to say at the Inaugural Ball.
    Sex with Hillary What one has to do to get a press conference.
    Kenneth Starr's Departure Could be Clintons' Worst Nightmare By John Crudele.
    The White House Cult Now it can be told.
    Mexican Madness Pendejo in paradise.
    London Sunday Times: Bonking Bill
    Campaign Finance Report
    The Starr Report
    Hyde's 81 Questions
    Starr's Testimony to the House Judiciary Committee
    Follow the Money
    The Senate Trial
    Clinton Body Count Links
    Ron Brown's Loose Lips Seal His Fate More than meets the eye in the crash of Brown's plane.
    Database of Ron Brown's Foreign Trade Missions
    The Botched Ron Brown Investigation: An Interview with AFIP Forensic Pathologist Kathleen Janoski, by Wesley Phelan.
    Saint Colby and the Fifth Column Damage control on the Vince Foster story, and why the death of former CIA director William Colby
    is not an occasion for tears.
    Some Observations on the Non-News The dereliction of the journalism profession, the FBI can't count files, the Montana drug operation,
    NSA attacks on my Internet posts, and the heroic efforts of Kenneth Starr.
    An Apology and Goodbye A satire directed at a group of super-critics who have spent time attacking or distorting
    the Vince Foster story as told by Jim Norman and me. (I simply collected some of the
    arguments and put them in a single post, so everyone could see how silly they sounded.)
    However, some brain-dead individuals apparently believed my tongue-in-cheek statement that
    Mike McCurry of the White House Press Office calls me once a week to direct my efforts, and
    wrote a lot of angry letters condemning everything but their own inattention and gullibility.
    How to Launder Money in the Copper Market (1) Sumitomo services the heroin trade. Intended to become a series.
    Woodward's Wayward Book Why Bob Woodward's book The Choice is particularly ill-timed.
    The Clinton Crash The Clinton administration has imprudently taken credit for much that is taking place in the
    economy. How would they deal with a stock market crash? Also mentions the banking problems
    created by alterations in the money flows associated with the drug and arms trade.
    Is the CIA Trying for a Piece of Fifth Column Action? Contact fails to contact the Fifth Column.
    The Governor of Kentucky to be Indicted Soon? Operation BOPTROT and Casey's plan to turn Russian soldiers into drug addicts.
    Dole Dumps an Old Friend and Lies About His Finances Why Dole resembles Clinton.
    The Cracks in Clinton's Economy John Deutch and Alan Greenspan worry about stock declines.
    The Fifth Column Gets Press And the Prez worries Dick Morris might squeal.
    The Uses of Terrorism The trade-off between guns and buttering-up-voters.
    The Sniffles of Susan Susan McDougal, following bad legal advice, becomes a martyr without a cause.
    The Symbiosis of Alan Greenspan and Bill Clinton Why is the Federal Reserve illegally intervening in the stock market?
    Pinnacle Bank--The Usual Suspects Banking, the Arkansas way.
    Wars and Rumors of War Iraq, I3, and why Bill won't pardon Susan.
    Musings Presidential pardons and all that.
    Bill's Blow, Stock Blowoffs, and Millennial Madness The future sucks.
    Five Indictments of the Mass Media The alcoholic press consumes a fifth.
    The Dickheads Are Getting Desperate Federal agents show up in Nancy, Kentucky.
    Laundering Numbers Sumitomo & FBI files: the media can't count.
    The Starr Detractors As the worm squirms. Another chorus of "no more indictments".
    The Other Starr Detractors Chris Ruddy and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.
    The Joke Is on You The media releases us from the burden of political truth.
    October Country That country composed in the main of cellars, sub-cellars, coal-bins, closets, attics.
    General Convicted for Political Fund-Raising The politics of promotion.
    The Coke Was Stored in Hangars 4 and 5 Cocaine distribution from the Ilo Pango Air Force Base, and the roles of the CIA, NSA,
    and the Mossad.
    The Starr Indictments: The Media Wrong Again And that's not all the media is wrong about.
    Bye Bye, Miss American Pie Lemmings and stock market calculations.
    Al Gore as President And Tipper as FLOTUS.
    Sticky Fingers at the Justice Department and U.S. Customs The government steals and doesn't pay its bills.
    Earl Brian Convicted in California The chief marketeer of the PROMIS software is convicted of financial fraud.
    The Starr Indictments II Trick or treat.
    Murder and Drugs in Arkansas The FBI sits on evidence in a drug-related murder.
    Ten Predictions & Postmortem My March 1996 predictions and postmortem comment.
    Twenty Predictions for 1997 Sixscore thousand persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand;
    and also much cattle.

  • Charles "the Angel of Death" Hayes

    The "Angel of Death" is an Internet term applied to Charles S. Hayes because of his role in bringing about the resignation of many a corrupt politician. Hayes is also the head and public representative of the Fifth Column group of hackers who track political payoffs through money-laundering channels.
    Angel of Death Gives Deposition to DOJ in Inslaw Case An argument for the resignation of the entire Justice Department.
    The Dickheads Are Getting Desperate Federal agents show up in Nancy, Kentucky.
    Sticky Fingers at the DOJ and U.S. Customs The government steals and doesn't pay its bills.
    Earl Brian Convicted in California The chief marketeer of the PROMIS software is convicted of financial fraud.
    Angel of Death Arrested Don't talk about PROMIS. Don't help the Special Prosecutor.
    Chuck Hayes Versus Bill Clinton The progress of the war of Clinton's resignation.
    Chuck Hayes Versus Bill Clinton 2 FBI director Louis Freeh doesn't like Chuck Hayes.
    Chuck Hayes and Me, Part 1 The House Committee on Banking asks the NSA about PROMIS software and money-laundering.
    Chuck Hayes and Me, Part 2 Hayes investigates drug-money laundering, while the House Committee on Banking kisses
    NSA butt.
    Chuck Hayes and Me, Part 3 Why the Fifth Column is necessary: "I don't want another Danny Casolaro on my hands.
    The Metaphysics of Political Illusion U.S. Attorney Joseph Famularo is a kook.
    Orlin Grabbe Versus Joseph Famularo My letter to U.S. Attorney Joseph Famularo, demanding reasons for his falsified claims.
    Orlin Grabbe Versus Joseph Famularo 2 Famularo's chief witness is also a liar.
    Orlin Grabbe Versus Joseph Famularo 3 Famularo says it's all Martin Hatfield's fault.
    The FBI Conspiracy Against Chuck Hayes FBI agent David Keller overrules the Court and the Assistant US Attorney.
    FBI Agent David "Killer" Keller Rides Again Keller struggles with the English language.
    Chuck Hayes and Me, Part 4 Bert Lance Visits Kentucky.
    Chuck Hayes and Me, Part 5 The deal with Gingrich.
    Jailed Chuck Hayes Claims FBI Setup, by James Norman Notes from underground.
    Famularo's Case Against Chuck Hayes Begins to Crumble Department of Justice under scrutiny.
    Hayes Claims He Will Sue FBI Agent By Sherry Price of Pulaski Week.
    Three Motions Filed by Chuck Hayes The Kentucky saga continues.
    Murder on the World Wide Web More Gobbledegook from FBI Agent David "Killer" Keller.
    Federal Justice in London, Kentucky Indicted jailer, but not Chuck Hayes, free on bond.
    The Dickheads Are Still Desperate Why Congress should withdraw all funding from the FBI.
    Judge Jennifer B. Coffman's Kangaroo Court Hayes' testimony confirms Fifth Column-induced retirements. Former drug dealer and former
    mental patient testify on behalf of government.
    Chuck Hayes vs. Lawrence W. Myers By Gail Gibson. Witness' past prompts delay in murder-plot trial
    Sex with Hillary What one has to do to get a press conference.
    Letter to Chairman, House Judiciary Committee A request to look into the activities of the Justice Department/FBI in Kentucky.
    How You Can Help Charles Hayes Three things to do.
    Police Reports on Lawrence W. Meyers Background of Lawrence "Myers" of Media Bypass fame. What he did to his friend.
    Judge Jennifer Coffman's Kangaroo Court Continues I be de judge.
    The Make-Believe World of Charles Hayes Jury decides Charles Hayes never worked for the CIA.
    Lawrence Meyers Pleads Guilty to Grand Theft Court record from 1986.
    Charles Hayes: Motion for a Directed Verdict or Mistrial The U.S. Attorney hides Lawrence "Myers" background.
    Letter of Charles Hayes to Montana Senate Drugs and money laundering in Montana.
    Government Used False CIA Affidavits, Defense Says Lawrence Myers dismissed from military for mental condition.
    Letter of Chip Tatum to Montana Senate More on FBI drug-smuggling in Montana.
    Spook Wars in Cyberspace, by Dick Russell Is the FBI Railroading Charles Hayes?
    Is Bill Clinton Obstructing Justice in Hayes Case? Judge has tête-à-tête with President at the Watergate Hotel.
    Mexican Madness Pendejo in paradise.
    Chuck Hayes Testimony Regarding His CIA Files
    Letter re Charles Hayes
    Hayes on CIA, PROMIS, Fifth Column, Foster, and DOJ
    Chuck Hayes Prognosticates from Prison, by Rich Azar
    Charles Hayes: A Prison Interview, by Wesley Phelan The Future of Politics.
    Letter to Chuck Hayes
    Court Testimony Regarding Lawrence Myers Why is this convicted thief and psychiatric case running free while Chuck Hayes is in jail?
    James Norman's Letter to Warden of Manchester Prison
    New Address for Chuck Hayes

    On July 25, 1997, despite a pre-sentencing report that recommended that Charles Hayes be sentenced to time served (i.e. immediately released), Judge Jennifer B. Coffman sentenced Charles Hayes to the federal maximum of 10 years in prison.

    How You Can Help Charles Hayes

    Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and
    Banking Transactions Spying

    A series exploring the murder of Vince Foster, who--among other duties-- was an overseer of an NSA project to spy on banking transactions. The series begins with a memo by Jim Norman, Senior Editor at Forbes, to Mike McCurry of the White House Press Office inquiring about the espionage activities of Vince Foster. Then (reflecting my own on-going investigation) it gradually branches out into relevant background issues necessary to understand pieces of the story. Finally, it converges back to Foster's final days.

    Most of the people who have an opinion on this issue have never done any investigation themselves, and the few who have long ago buried their heads in the flora of Ft. Marcy Park and never looked at the larger picture.

    Foster was under counter-intelligence investigation when he died. Nearly every investigator misses this part of the picture. Did these activities lead to his death? Or did others take advantage of the circumstances to rid themselves of someone who might talk? Neither question can be answered until the actual killer(s) is (are) identified.

    Part 1 Jim Norman sends a memo to the White House, which leaks it to a Starr assistant.
    Part 2 Charles O. Morgan threatens to sue anyone who says Systematics has a relationship with the NSA.
    Part 3 Vince Foster oversaw covert money laundering at Systematics.
    Part 4 Hillary Clinton and Web Hubbell represented Systematics during the BCCI takeover of First American.
    Part 5 Philosophical musings on the meaning of this investigation.
    Part 6 The curious tenacles (and strange denials) of Systematics.
    Part 7 Virtual realities in the media and banking. Israel as a virtual nuclear power.
    Part 8 Caspar Weinberger's Swiss account. Israel's nuclear spying.
    Part 9 Cover-up by House Banking Committee investigators.
    Part 10 BCCI, money laundering, and the nuclear weapons programs of Pakistan and Israel.
    Part 11 Money laundering and the intelligence community.
    Part 12 The Cabazon Indian reservation, PROMIS, BCCI, and the death of Danny Casolaro.
    Part 13 NSA's PROMIS virus, Mellon money laundering, and Vince Foster's blue NSA notebook.
    Part 14 Letter of advice to the Pittsburgh-based nuclear network.
    Part 15 What role is really being played by Richard Mellon Scaife?
    Part 16 The NSA worm. Federal Reserve money laundering.
    Part 17 Sheila Foster Anthony effects a $286,000 wire transfer to her sister-in-law Lisa Foster four days before Vince Foster's death.
    Part 18 Gaping holes in the investigation of the death of Vince Foster.
    Part 19 The modern triangular trade, the parallels between Arkansas and Pittsburgh, and why Jim Norman is in trouble.
    Part 20 Genealogy--mine and the Mellons.
    Part 21 The Meadors hearing and the problems of Mellon bank.
    Part 22 James Hamilton doesn't get a chance to deny the $286,000 wire transfer by Sheila Anthony.
    Part 23 Bush spies on Perot. The blonde hairs found on Foster's body.
    Part 24 The Foster hit appears unprofessional, and to have taken the White House by surprise.
    Part 25 The global money laundering operation.
    Part 26 Abner Mikva resigns. Did Foster have knowledge of too many felonies?
    Part 27 Earl Brian, who sold the PROMIS software around the world, is under indictment in California.
    Part 28 SIOP: the Single Integrated Operational Plan for Nuclear War.
    Part 29 How Jackson Stephens brought the Global Laundry to America.
    Part 30 The National Programs Office and the drugs- for-arms operation at Mena and other secured facilities.
    Part 31 Death and the empire of Jackson Stephens.
    Part 32 Questions concerning the death of Vince Foster.
    Part 33 How to launder money. Clinton's CIA connection. The Mossad panics.
    Part 34 Mossad agents forced to leave the country after putting out a contract on a Foster investigator.
    Part 35 The Mossad team in Vince Foster's apartment, and Foster's final movements.
    Part 36 Mike Wallace accepts a $150,000 bribe from the DNC to debunk the notion Vince Foster was murdered.
    Part 37 The House Committee on Banking asks the NSA about PROMIS software and money-laundering in Arkansas.
    Part 38 Chuck Hayes investigates drug-money laundering, while the House Committee on Banking kisses NSA butt.
    Part 39 Why the Fifth Column is necessary: "I don't want another Danny Casolaro on my hands."
    Part 40 Bert Lance visits Kentucky.
    Part 41 The deal with Gingrich.

    Other Foster Resources

    America's Dreyfus Affair: The Case of the Death of Vince Foster Parts 1-5. Essay by David Martin.
    Vince Foster and the NSA Charles R. Smith on Vince Foster and the Clipper Chip.
    Parallels Between the Deaths of Tommy Burkett and Vince Foster Hugh Turley shows there is consistency in the technology of assisted "suicide".
    Ft. Marcy Park Witness Patrick Knowlton Lawsuit Second Amended Complaint, October 1998
    Clinton Meets Columbo Oval office showdown.
    The Starr Report with the Knowlton Appendix Microsoft Word document. Includes exhibits.
    Vince Foster FBI Files Online

    Miscellaneous Articles and Essays

    My Resume I do consulting. Unlike the free information on this web page, it comes at a high price.
    In Praise of Chaos Speech given to the Eris Society in August 1993. Since reprinted in Liberty (March 1994) and the SIRS Renaissance
    electronic data base (1995).
    Eloge du Chaos French translation of "In Praise of Chaos"
    Cuba de mi Amor Music to your ears.

    Short Stories

    Keys Published in Laissez Faire City Times, Vol 2, No 34, Oct 19, 1998.
    Agrarian Life Published in Laissez Faire City Times, Vol 2, No 35, Oct 26, 1998.
    A Hundred Eighty Dollars Published in Laissez Faire City Times, Vol 2, No 36, Nov. 2, 1998.
    Karma Accountant Problems in spiritual reckoning. Published in Liberty (August 1993).
    Cover Girl Published in Laissez Faire City Times (November 1997).
    The Hat How to Survive in the East Village. Appeared in Art Times (November 1992).
    Connections The relationship between sex and quantum mechanics. Generated some fan mail from physicists. First appeared
    in Beet #6 (Spring 1992).
    Feed the Children Saving the world and saving oneself. Published in Liberty (May 1995).

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