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gball.gif (257 bytes)   Ads for The Great Salmon Hoax 

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The "Ethnic Cleansing" ad is built from home video footage of the 1999 slaughter of thousands of returning salmon at Fall Creek Hatchery in Oregon.  The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, pursuing its own and Federal policy, kills and removes the fish rather than letting them continue upstream to spawn for fear that they will contaminate "wild" stocks.  Despite the abundant hatchery salmon run, fishing was forbidden, also to protect "wild" stocks. 

This and other forthcoming ads can be reproduced with customized titles for a small fee; individuals or organizations interested in sponsoring ads should e-mail me.  For less than $20 in many locations, you can put this ad, as is or modified with your own titles, on local cable TV.

gball.gif (257 bytes)  Rough footage from Ron Yechout's home video of the 1999 salmon massacre at Fall Creek Hatchery (320x240, 29.97 fps, YUV9 (Indeo raw) compression)

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